Bethel Sunshine Camp’s History


In 1962, the late Bishop Rosa A. Horn, Bishop Jessie A. Horn, and Bishop Gladys Brandhagen recognized the need for underprivileged children in NYC to experience a fun and safe summer in a nurturing environment.  The three Bishops prayed and the Lord made it possible for them to find a place in the Catskill Mountains that consisted of 40 acres with buildings and bungalows on it.  They opened Bethel Sunshine Camp for under-privileged children and down through the years as a result of working with the children at the camp in the summer months many

at-risk children were blessed by their labor of love at Bethel Sunshine Camp.  Many of the young campers that attended summer camp at Bethel are now serving in various areas of ministry and spreading the message of hope, peace, and love through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bethel Sunshine Camp officially had its last camp season in 1998.  From 1998 until today, the camp has undergone various stages of demolition and reconstruction to provide an even better opportunity and environment to minister to children and families year round.